Sharia Studies

Islamic Studies for Children

Introductory educational programme for children taking their first steps in their Islamic education

Qirat for Kids

Qur'an Studies

Children's Qira'ah Academy

An all-encompassing, three year flagship children's course that aims to revive the traditional discipline of the linguistical recital of the Noble Qur'an

Fard Ayn

Sharia Studies

Islamic Studies For Beginners

Introductory educational programme for adults embarking on their journey to acquire sacred knowledge.

Qur'an for Kids

Qur'an Studies

Children's Qur'an Academy

Flexible flagship course that aims to revive the traditional discipline of teaching the Holy Qur’an to children


Sharia Studies

Dars e Nizami Level 1

Level one of our part-time darsi nizami course that is the first stage of our Islamic Scholarship Programme

Qur'an for Kids

Islamic Courses Online

Reviving the authentic tradition of Islamic learning and teaching. Learn more about Islam and study Islam with 'Essential Islam'; a not-for-profit Muslim organisation based in Bradford.

Through our interactive education hub - where students can attend in person, or use our online/on-demand/interactive portal to access our Islamic seminars, courses, lectures, and classes - we aim to revive the tradition of learning and teaching in Islam; where a teacher represents the spring of knowledge and righteousness, the continuation of the glorious past, and the embodiment of the blessing and light of an unbroken chain of transmission.